1. What is Meru Select program?

Meru Select is a customer relationship program, specially designed for our most preferred customers, wherein the customer will be provided some exciting benefits, like 100% assured cab, for being our regular customer.

2. Who is Meru Select member OR what are the parameters for selecting Meru Select members?

A Meru Select member is indentified by Meru Cabs Company based on his/her preference to our brand. We have developed a complex algorithm wherein we analyse customer‘s usage patterns. Based on this, a Meru Cabs customer gets entitled for the Meru Select program. The membership will be reviewed every 12 months from enrolment / start month.

3. Is there any additional charge for this program membership?

It's complimentary for our Meru Select founding members for first one year. Subsequently it will be based on usage & program terms issued on time to time basis

4. What is the role of Relationship Cell & how is it helpful to me?

Relationship Cell is a dedicated resource for Meru Select members.The cell will monitor, resolve all feedbacks & queries, with improved service level. It can be reached through a dedicated Relationship cell line by selecting option 7 in the main menu of our IVRS or by writing to crm@merucabs.com.

5. When will the token of regret issued?

The token of regret of Rs 500/- will be issued on every instance if we are not able to honor the booking which was 'Accepted' by us & for which we sent confirmation message through SMS or email. You may write to us for such incident on crm@merucabs.com or call 44224422 for Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai and 4422442 for Jaipur & (select Option 7).

6. How am I going to receive the token of regret?

The token of regret will be in form of privilege voucher which we will be sending at your 'Home' address registered at our website www.merucabs.com/profile/view . Please tag you ‘Home’ address and update your profile on our website.

7. Am I eligible for token of regret if I cancel the booking?

No; in case of a booking cancelled by customer/member, we will not be liable to issue you any token of regret.

8. Will I be provided any identification card for this? Is there any separate idendification number?

No, to bring the simplicity in this program, your registered mobile number will be your membership / identification number.

9. Is there any membership number?

Yes, your registered mobile number will be your membership / identification number. Multiple numbers and transactions associated with customer cannot be combined under this program.

10. Can my family members use the benefits?

The membership is given to an individual & it is non transferable. The benefits will be given to the member whose mobile number is registered under Meru Select program only. You can book for your family members through your registered mobile number.

11. Can I book a cab using different number?

Our system identifies the Meru Select members with their registered mobile number with us. The benefits will not be applicable in case of booking made from other than registered mobile number. Also, the benefits will not be applicable, in case of a booking made from registered number, but booking details are asked to send to another number.

12. Are there any additional offers?

We will announce the additional benefits or offers from time to time basis on our website & communicate to you on your registered email id. Please ensure that your contact details are updated in your profile section on our website www.merucabs.com/profile/view

13. Is this benefits applicable to corporate / organization?

We have separate program for corporate clients, to know more about it please email feedback@merucabs.com or call 44224422 for Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai and 4422442 for Jaipur.

In case of any other queries, please contact us at crm@merucabs.com.