Ad Format

Meru Cabvertise provides several different forms of transit advertisements. Each of these formats engage the people in and around the cabs in different ways. The cab door, roof top, rear window and luggage boot placements increase visibility when on the move and the internal formats such as headrest, seat back, product placements and bill rolls engage the traveller up close. Mentioned below are the various formats that allow a hollistic exposure for your brand.

Cab Door

These are displays which may be viewed on either side of the cab. The posters are printed on self-adhesive vinyl which is affixed directly to the side of the cab. These 7.7ft x 3.5ft posters on each door allow your ad placement to be seen all around town.

Internal Branding

Put your advertisement on the seat covers thereby catching your audience sitting on the rear seat of the cab. Great messaging opportunity. Great opportunity to engage with the Meru Cab customer. Leaflets, direct mail, customer puzzles, games are great ways to target your audience here.

Customer Engagement

How about engaging your target audience for a good 45 mins while he is travelling in the comforts of an air-conditioned cab? Your brand communication will be digitally conveyed to this captive audience.

For example: Just at around 8.30 pm a TV channel flashes a message saying: " Rush home, your favourite program ABC airs at 9pm on your favourite channel. Another example could be for a general insurance company to flash the message "Have you taken your accident insurance? Call now!"

This medium provides instant engagement with captive clients throughout the day across the city.

"Jigsaw puzzles, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets can be placed & sampling of products can be done. " Some previous client engagements are:

  • Lifeboy: Hand sanitizers were placed inside the cab to be handed over to the passengers to experience the product.
  • The Week: The Week magazines were placed inside the cab for in-cab reading.

For any enquiries about advertising with us, please feel free to contact us.