Our Philosophy

India Value Fund

Meru Cabs operates its fleet of modern, air-conditioned, GPS enabled vehicles under the brand name, Meru. Meru is rooted in our Indian culture. The Hindu and Jain mythology refer to Mount Meru as the center of the universe, the abode of Lord Brahma and a pantheon of gods and goddesses. There are many temples in India and abroad, including the famous Angkor Vat in Cambodia, that have been built as symbolic representations of Mount Meru. According to the ancient texts, Meru Mountain was the epicenter of the Earth and when the churning of the oceans (Sagar Manthan) took place, Mount Meru was able to withstand all the resulting turbulence. Meru, the brand is today a symbol of our commitment to unshakeable reliability- the heart of our promise to our customers.

It is this promise of reliability that drives us at Meru Cabs to endeavour to provide the most efficient services every time to our customers.

We try to make every trip a perfect experience for our customers. If, for any reason we fall below your expectation, or you believe that we could do better, please do let us know. Call us at 4422 4422 for Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai Vadodara, Surat, Pune & 33 99 33 99 for Kolkata. or drop an e-mail to feedback@merucabs.com

Meru- unconditional reliability, always.